Gas Rustler Steals 9,000 Gallons From Fresno Mini-Mart

A southeast Fresno mini-mart got hit by a gas thief early Wednesday morning while the store was closed.{} The thief who drove in with a tanker stole 9-thousand gallons of gas in less than 30 minutes.{}

What the thief didn't realize is the Lucky Mini Mart had a surveillance camera operating after hours.{} The name on the side of the truck reads R.M. Food Transport but the camera wasn't able to produce a clear picture of the man driving the truck.{}

It appears to be a two man heist because in the surveillance video one person is seen moving a{}tank measuring stick in the background while another man walks past the camera.{} He was wearing blue jeans and{}a dark blue jacket with white sleeves similar to a letterman's jacket.{}{}

The Fresno Police{}officer investigating the theft told KMPH Fox 26 News that he can't recall a similar heist in Fresno.{}

The owner who just bought the store last week believes the hit was by a pro because it took less than 30 minutes.{} Fresno Police detectives are investigating but so far grainy surveillance video and{}a name on the truck are the only leads they have.{}{}{}