Gas Prices Skyrocket Again

If you have sticker shock every time you fill up at the pump, you're not alone.

California drivers are paying an average of $4.23 a gallon, that's 45 cents higher than the national average.

What's the reason? Some analysts say problems at several California refineries have caused a slash in the production of fuel and we are all paying for it.

Reports state Exxon Mobil's 150,000-barrel-a-day Torrance refinery lost power Monday and may suffer production problems for another week.

Plus Chevron's Kettleman-Los Medanos pipeline, which carries crude from Kern County to northern California refineries, was shut down Monday after elevated levels of organic chloride were detected in the oil.

In addition, Chevron's 240,000-barrel-a-day Richmond plant, the largest refinery in northern California, has been running at reduced capacity since a fire August 6th.

Driver Sandra Burg says, "It's crazy because there is nothing you can do, you have to drive."

Driver Terry Yates says, "When you have a limited income I'm retired now, you just don't go as much."

Drivers say it may be time for the president to break into the oil reserve.