Gaping Holes In Wrestler's Shoes: Clovis Coach Buys New Shoes

An act of kindness by a Clovis elementary coach sends a message all the way to the top of the wrestling world. John Martinez is{}a coach who saw a need and took action.

Martinez is wrestling coach at Temperance-Kutner Elementary School in Clovis Unified. One of his newest recruits is Mai Xiong who weighs in at 57 pounds.{} Last week Martinez discovered Mai was in desperate need of shoes. "As she had them over her shoulder{}I couldn't help but notice they were completely worn down and{}I noticed massive holes in it."

After a sleepless night Martinez decided to replace Mai's wrestling and tennis shoes.{}"I think it's pretty good and I like it because he cares about me a lot."

Martinez shared his holiday giving story with his friends on Facebook.

Soon he would hear from his friends at Howe Electric in Fresno who gave him a check to do something special for Mai Xiong.{} Then a leader with California-USA Wrestling told Martinez he wanted to help too.{} "I wanted to just share a good thing on Facebook and before I knew it, it overwhelmed me."

Mai Xiong is one of only two girls on the{}TK wrestling team. This is only her first year in wrestling and she's only lost one match. The young lady is a tiger on the mat. {} She pinned her opponent in the first round. Talent and strength made the difference but Mai Xiong says her new shoes do give her more confidence.