Gang Sweep: Police Arrest Crooks Selling Stolen DVD's

Fresno police took down a major theft ring involving members of several west side gangs.

Police say the ring involves guns, drugs, burglaries, and includes more than 20-thousand dollars worth of popular games and movies from Red Box outlets through out the valley.

Members of the Fresno police department say they've been watching the crooks and building a case.

Sgt. Tim Tietjen says his officers uncovered the gang members used sites like Craigslist to sell the stolen games and movies all to profit the gang enterprise.

Sgt. Tietjen says, "They would take a game, photocopy the DVD or the game and place it back in the machine. The machine then reads the copy. Police say the crooks would use stolen credit cards from burglaries, and over the last few months they stole about 20-thousand dollars."

Police say in one of the arrests they found a canister of marijuana very close to a crib with a baby inside, because of that, officers are adding child endangerment charges to the list.