Furniture Store Closes, Customers say Owner Took Thier Money

A Fresno man is out hundreds in hard earned cash, after he says, he gave it to the owner of Furniture Land in Fresno.However, the man says when he went back to the store to pick it up. He found the doors locked and the store empty.Gabriel Aguila thought he was getting a great deal for the couch at $600.Aguila says, "I gave him $100 deposit and went back the same day and gave him the rest. He gave me a receipt and said he'd call me in a week. So I went by the store and it's all empty. So I went to the business next to it and they say they saw him packing up in the middle of the night."John Terzian owns the building.Terzian says, "The owner Mureer Alabher owes me $10,500 for direct rent and penalties because he hasn't paid in 10 days the first of the month you add those too is probably $13,000."Terzian says the property renter is about 3 months late on his rent, despite the signs on the door stating 'Grand Opening'.So far, the Better Business Bureau has one complaint against Furniture Land and its owner.However, Aguila now plans to file a complaint with the BBB and the Bureau of Home Furnishings, the government agency that regulates this type of business.BBB spokesperson, Manuel Garcia says, "Customers need to file a complaint. That's our first step filing the complaints. Finding a series of complaints and then we reach out to the district attorney's office and see if we can close them down."For now, Aguila just wants his couch or his money back.