Update: Cabin Dorner Holed Up In Engulfed In Flames

Update: {}3:00 p.m. Pacific Time: {}The LA Times is reporting the man barricaded inside a Big Bear cabin may have taken hostages.


Update: {}2:25 p.m. Pacific Time: {}Fox News reporting man holed up in Big Bear cabin, thought to be accused cop killer Chris Dorner, is using smoke grenades from inside a Big Bear cabin. {}The FAA has banned all flights over the area at this time. {}LAPD has two choppers and 20 SWAT officers ready to join siege of Big Bear cabin, but their help has not yet been requested. {}Fox News also reporting police are trying to land a medical evac helicopter to take a law enforcement officer injured in a shootout earlier Tuesday to a hospital. {}


Update: {}2:20 p.m. Pacific Time: {}Live feeds that had been coming in from the Big Bear area have been cut by media organizations. {}Many times this means a SWAT or tactical police operation is happening or is about to happen. {}Media cut feeds so those wanted by police can't monitor police activity on television or on the web. {}CNN reports Dorner is barricaded inside a cabin in the Big Bear area.


Update: {}2:00 PM. Pacific Time:

CNN reporting two law enforcement officers shot during Tuesday's shootout with a man thought to be fugitive and accused killer Chris Dorner, a former LA police officer. {}Fox News reporting Big Bear-area schools on lockdown. {}Police now say Dorner robbed a couple in their home, calling it a home invasion, and stole their car.


Police officers in the Big Bear, California area (about 300 miles by road from Fresno) say they have exchanged gunfire with a man believed to be fugitive LA police officer Chris Dorner. {}Police say a man thought to be Dorner robbed a couple in the Big Bear area, stole their car, and then got into a shootout with police.

Dorner is wanted for three murders, including one police officer, and for shooting two other policemen, along with other charges. {}Dorner left a message that threatens several people because he was fired from the LA Police Department. {}Some 50 LA police officers and their families are currently under police protection due to the threat.

Police say they are searching the Big Bear area and say Dorner might be cornered there. {}Dorner has had survival training and police do not know how many weapons or how much ammunition he has with him.

One police source says Dorner is "pinned down" by a massive police presence. {}

We will update this story when more information is available.