Fugitive Cockatoo Caged At Fresno's Downtown Courthouse

A four year old Cockatoo flew the coop Thursday in downtown Fresno.{} The bird belongs to{}Father{}Sal Gonzalez who is Pastor at St. John's Cathedral.{}

A cleaning person accidentally left the cage open and Richie the Cockatoo winged his way out of the residence.{} But it didn't get far.{}

Somehow Richie flew to the B.F. Sisk Courthouse and got trapped between the grating and the window.{} Fresno County Sheriff's Community Service Officer Trace Ramey saw the bird and said it wanted to come in.{} "So we called our facilities people and they worked on the window for about twenty minutes before opening it."

Courthouse staff didn't know what to do with the cockatoo so they called Fresno's Chaffee Zoo for assistance.{}{}Zoo staff came over and picked it up.{} They said the bird was in good condition so they took it to the Central California SPCA.{}

Friday morning on Great Day on KMPH Fox 26 Kim Stephens announced that a four year old cockatoo was missing.{} Minutes later the Sheriff's Office called to say the bird was safe and sound at the SPCA.{}

Friday afternoon Father Sal and his bird Richie were reunited.{} Both seemed overjoyed.