From Central Park To Woodward Park: NYC Marathoners Run In Two Cities Marathon & Half

Dozens of runners who were planning to run through Central Park in the New York City marathon, ended up crossing the finish line with nearly 5,000 others in Woodward Park in the 11th annual Two Cities Marathon and Half Sunday morning.

"I had planned to run the New York marathon today. Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy had different plans for us," said Kathleen Scott, who flew to Fresno from the East Coast last Friday.

She's one of about 40 New York marathoners who signed up for the Two Cities Marathon at the last minute.

"Oh it's the same distance, great race, beautiful weather, they actually didn't even charge me. They honored my New York registration, so very grateful to race organizers here," said Scott.

About 4,800 runners challenged their bodies and their minds Sunday.

The route took runners from Woodward Park in northeast Fresno to Old Town Clovis and back.

For some, this was their first experience at finishing a marathon.

"I know my body can do it, it's a challenge of the mind. That's the challenge I knew I was going to have to face," said Blanca Figueroa.

Even experienced runners can relate to the struggle.

"This is my 50th marathon, I turned 50 October 2nd. This is an accomplishment for me. It's a hard thing to do, but I did it," said Javier Cruz, who's from Bakersfield.

He says as a child, he was paralyzed and never dreamed he could be part of something like this.

He says he started running marathons, when he turned 40 years old.

"The fact that I could run, like an elite runner at age 50, trust me, anybody can do it as long as they put their mind to it," said Cruz.

According to the results posted on the Two Cities Marathon website, the marathoner who crossed the finish line first ran the course in about 1 hour and 57 minutes.