Friends Of Bull Rider Help Raise Money To Buy Replace Stolen Gear

A Valley rodeo rider was stripped of his more than his spurs when a burglar stole his ridding gear.

"It kind of means everything; everything I do revolves around bull riding," said Dustin Marberry, from Coalinga.

Marberry has been riding since he was 8-years old.

He was crushed when he discovered a burglar had broken into his home and stolen all of his riding gear.

Marberry lost almost $1,500 worth of stuff; enough to break the bank and the young rider's morale.

"It kind of makes me feel useless because its stuff I use every other day and I don't have it anymore. But I'm very grateful to have friends who let me borrow their stuff" said Marberry.

Good friends who also proved they could do even more to help.

Over the weekend, a group of Marberry's friends got together and organized a charity car wash. {}

They spent the day scrubbing away until they raised $800 for their friend.

"Were all on the rodeo team here in West Hills we are kind of like a big team and I knew it I was in the same situation, Dustin would do the same for me" said Cody Ellis.

Marberry said he is very grateful to his friends.