Fresno's Pollution Problem: Dirtiest Air By Zip Codes In California

A number of zip codes across the Central Valley share the distinction of having the dirtiest air in the state, according to recent state data.

The dirty air problem starts in Stockton and stretches south to Bakersfield.{}

The State Office of Environmental Health and Hazard Assessment says that most{}zip codes along Highway 99 have the worst air in California. And in Fresno alone, 19 zip codes have dirty air.

Allergy and asthma specialist A.M. Aminian says traffic congestion adds to the air pollution.

"Any area next to a freeway in particular when there are trucks and diesel trucks passing by it's going to be much worse,"Aminian said.

The dirty air also takes a toll on some athletes.

Fresno City College volleyball player Karissa Fuller says the air bothers her.

"I'm like an athlete and breathing in that air and doing sports at the same time definitely has a toll on my lungs," she said.

Aminian says the recent storm helped alleviate some of the problems associated with the dirty air.

"Rain in one way is good," he said. "It may wash things down but that change in barometric pressure can always aggravate certain people with respiratory problems."