Fresno's Growing Weed Problem, Not What You Think!

Big, overgrown weeds can be spotted along Fresno streets and sidewalks.

Fresno's Director of Public Utilities Patrick Wiemiller says the city of Fresno has a 30-person crew responsible for cleaning up the weeds.

However, recent hot weather has caused weeds to grow quicker than the crew can get to them.

Wiemiller says Fresno has 24-million square feet of streetscape, meaning those strips of greenery along Fresno roads filled with plants and trees.

"We only have so many people on the crews, and they are on a cycle," Wiemiller said. "In some areas depending on funding it may be a 90 day cycle that they are going around to visit each location."

Some in the community say with unemployment numbers hitting nearly 14 percent, the city should offer jobs to clean it up.

Others say those behind bars should pick up a rake and do some work.

The city of Fresno welcomes help from volunteers.

If you or a volunteer group would like to clean up the weeds in your neighborhood you don't need a permit to do it.

Nevertheless, volunteers are asked to call Fresno's Publics Works Department at 621-8650, so the group can coordinate with city crews, and make sure everyone stays safe.