Fresno Woman Says A Man She Met Online Scammed Her Out Of $50,000

A Fresno woman says she's been scammed out of $50,000 by a man she met online.

The Fresno woman says she was looking for love, so she went to and met the man of her dreams. However, she's living a nightmare after draining her savings, and mutual fund, and taking out a loan for $12,000 for him.

"I was so shocked. There is no person existing, no person that will be spending time with me on Christmas and New Year's."

The Fresno woman, who asked that we not identify her, says joined last summer. She says she met Adam Lucas Wilson, a widower with 2 kids from San Jose.

"We talked about the Bible and how he's a Christian, we shared a lot of words in the Bible."

She says they never met in person because Wilson told her he was traveling to England for work. While he was overseas she says he started asking for money to replace broken work equipment.

To prove he could pay her back he sent a copy of his check and his passport. She told a friend who warned her something wasn't right.

"I couldn't really believe what she said at the time."

A few weeks later over instant messages he told her a friend was sick and she wired him the money. Then after that he told her he needed to settle a tax dispute and she took out a $12,000 loan.

"I kind of started questioning myself about if this is right and what if he's not going to return to me."

She Google imaged his picture and several different names associated with the picture popped up. She filed a police report, but there's nothing police can do for her. Officers say it's because she willingly gave Wilson the money.

She says what started as a search for love is now a search for a criminal.

"I have decided I will be by myself, I don't trust anyone. I trust my friends, but I'm not going to meet any new people in my future."

She did call to see if they could help her track down the guy who scammed her The Company said they could freeze his account. {}However, she doesn't remember his user name, so there's nothing can do for her.