Fresno Woman Rescued By Firefighters Thanks Them!

A woman rescued from a burning apartment by Fresno firefighters last week wanted to thank the people who saved her life.

So 18-year-old Jessie Cha stopped by the firehouse and enjoyed a meal with her heroes.

Cha says, "I just wanted to say thank you in person for being there for me."

Firefighters say, "It was our pleasure."

Cha says, "I'm so thankful, I'm glad to be standing here."

Last Wednesday, the 18-year-old along with two others were through a second story window by firefighters.

It's a day Cha says she will never forget.

Cha says, "I felt so lucky, I literally thought this would never happen to me but I've never been so thankful in my life to just have somebody tell me it's going to be okay."

Cha was so touched she wrote an email to firefighters thanking them. So they invited her and father over for lunch, where she met firefighter Cody Philbin, the one who rescued her through the window.

Cha says, "I grew up knowing to appreciate the things people do for me, so I felt I should really say thank you. It's not everyday that somebody is going to come up and save you from a fire."

Firefighter Cody Philbin says, "It's great to have her come by and have some lunch with us, it means a lot."

Both Cha and firefighters say the flames were moving so fast, had the first truck not arrived within 2 minutes 15 seconds of the call, this meeting might have been a memorial rather than a celebration.