Fresno Woman Finds Black Widow Spider In A Bag Of Grapes

Imagine getting ready to dig into a fresh bag of delicious grapes and finding a potentially deadly critter starring at you.

That's exactly what Rosalinda Hernandez says happened to her.

"I was very freaked out. I saw a lot of spider webs in there so I started checking and then I saw the little legs and when I moved the grapes ... a big old black widow just scurried away" said Hernandez.

Eight legs and all, the spider was sprawled across the sweet fruit.

The black widow is known for its signature venomous bite.

Hernandez says she knew exactly what it was and what it could do.

"I kept checking myself to see if I got bit because I was freaked out" said Hernandez.

Hernandez found the creepy crawler right after she took them out of the bag to wash them.

"It's going be a long time before I buy grapes again."

Just two days shy of Halloween the spider made its chilling debut just in time but it wasn't the kind of trick or treat Hernandez was hoping for.

She bought them from a local supermarket and says she doesn't hold the store accountable.

Hernandez encourages everyone to be extra careful when washing their produce.