Week Of Torture: Fresno Woman's Hell On McKenzie Avenue

A bizarre case of a woman tortured for a week in a central Fresno home. {} But a police investigation at the home on the 200 block of{}East McKenzie{}also uncovered a homicide.

Fresno Police say a 35 year old woman{}went to the home{}to retrieve a stolen bicycle. {} That's when{}nightmare began.{}{}The woman confronted 23 year old Margaret Alanis who police say is a parolee at large and a known gang member.

Somehow they say she was coaxed inside where 43 year old Anthony Nunez also a parolee at large and a gang member was ready to pounce.{} Police Chief Jerry Dyer described how she was treated. "Obviously she was severely beaten. She was stabbed, she had chemical burns on her body. {} She was traumatized. {} She was in fear."

The home became a house of horror.{} Police say Alaniz and Nunez tied her up. {} Some days were spent in the garage or bedroom but police say she was beaten, stabbed and burned with some type of chemical almost daily.

For unexplained reasons the two let her go Wednesday. {} She called 9-1-1 and told police of her week in hell on McKenzie Avenue.{} {}

Early Thursday morning{}another bizarre turn in the case.{} Police served a search warrant and found a man's body buried in a shallow grave underneath the house.{} His body began decomposing and so far police can't identify him.

A homicide and a torture case all in the same home. {} A week long nightmare for a 35 year old woman.{} "She didn't feel she had the ability to leave without the fear of being killed."

The victim is listed in serious but stable condition.{} Alanis and Nunez now face numerous felony charges including, homicide, mayhem and kidnapping.{}{}