Fresno Thieves Steal Wedding Gifts From Newlyweds Car

Police say thieves broke into a car parked in a Fresno neighborhood and stole wedding gifts.

The gifts were inside the newlywed's car. There were appliances, a homemade gift and a special note but all of it was stolen by the bad guys.

"It's a bummer but life goes on," says Nathan Rindlisbacher.

Rindlisbacher and his bride said "I do" back in December.

"We had our family there and everything went really smoothly," adds Rindlisbacher, "My wife looked beautiful in her dress."

The couple went to Hawaii for their honeymoon and has spent the last few days with family in Fresno. On Sunday night they packed up their car with wedding gifts.

"I got a little nervous when my wife saw a man pass by in a car and turn his neck to see what we were doing. We didn't think it would be an issue but apparently we were wrong," says the newlywed.

Rindlisbacher says when he woke up Monday morning the trunk of the car was open and that's when he knew something was wrong.

"I was angry to be perfectly honest and then I felt stupid because it was kind of dumb to do that in Fresno," says Rindlisbacher.

The thieves didn't take everything. Rindlisbacher says they left an I-Pod, his checkbook and a Led Zeppelin CD.

He hopes insurance will help replace the gifts but he's happy it wasn't worse.

"They're material things and it doesn't really matter in the end."