Fresno Teen Gets An Earful After Being Arrested

Fresno Police say four boys broke into a home in Southeast Fresno Friday by knocking out a front window and crawling through. One of the boys didn't get far. Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies were watching and waiting a block east of the home that was hit. Deputies say he was toting a bag with valuables inside, a watch, coins and two peaches that they say he stole from a home on the 1200 block of North Adler. It took a few moments before he realized he was in big trouble.

Deputy: "Quit being crazy man. What are you fighting with the cops for?" Teenager: "I'm not trying." Deputy: "You're already in enough trouble, brother!" Teenager: "Sorry man!" Deputy: "I've already told you you're under arrest. Teenager: "So are you guys gonna call my Mom?" Deputy: "You're going to juvenile hall pal!" Teenager: "I'm sorry!"

Fresno Police say there have been a number of break-ins in Southeast Fresno but they don't believe the number of burglaries have climbed since school ended last week. The final exchange between the kid and the cop is sad but includes sage advice.

Deputy: "Why are you breaking into houses for?" Teenager: "Well I'm trying to get some money." Deputy: You know how you normally get money?" Teenager: "No?" Deputy: Get a job! Teenager: "You know how old I am? I'm trying to you know!" Deputy: "How old are you?" Teenager: "I'm 13." Deputy: "I mowed lawns at your age. Sit down." Teenager: "Sorry man." Deputy: "I mowed lawns at your age I didn't steal from people." Teenager: "Please like I've got an education and I've got football." Deputy: "Well you shouldn't be doing this stuff man. That should factor in."

The teenager was booked into Fresno County Juvenile Hall on one count of burglary.