Fresno Students Earn Free Bikes For Good Grades

More than 400 Central Valley kids will roll into summer with brand new bikes thanks to a local program.{}

Fourth-grade students from six elementary schools in Fresno's low-income areas were chosen to participate in a "win a bike challenge."

The students were given a year to raise their grades and improve their overall character. Students that made the improvements were awarded a new bike, helmet and lock.

The purpose of the program is to create incentive-driven goal for kids.

"We hope they will be able to translate that into life and say, if I can accomplish that, what else can I accomplish?" said Mike Slayden, director of the Off the Front program.

Slayden says he hopes students from low-income areas will learn that just because they can't afford something, doesn't mean they can't earn it.

On Monday, 79 students at Jane Addams Elementary School in west Fresno were awarded bikes.