Fresno Streets Need Major Pothole Repair: Mayor Has A Plan

Fresno's residential streets need major repair.{} Right now 1-point-7 million dollars is budgeted each year to take care of the potholes and cracks.{} But Wednesday Mayor Ashley Swearengin told reporters that 15-18 million dollars is needed each year to keep streets paved and sealed.

She and three Fresno city council members unveiled a plan to put more money into street maintenance.{} They want to double the budget to 3-point-7 million.{} Mayor Swearengin says between federal grant money and one-time General Fund dollars, street maintenance would be increased by 2-million dollars.

Swearengin also wants the Council of Fresno County Governments to consider an amendment to Measure C.{} "Let's go ask the residents themselves thru a scientific poll ask people have your transportation priorities changed{}over the last eight years.{} I'm guessing were gonna get a clear signal from that research."{}

{}It would move funds from rail consolidation and new technology programs into street maintenance for all Fresno County cities.