Fresno State Wrestling: Is It Coming Back?

Fresno State President Joseph Castro is taking a hard look at bringing wrestling back to Fresno State.

He recently signed off on a contract to hire a national consultant on intercollegiate sports.

University officials say it's costing Fresno State $35,000.

President Castro hired North-Carolina based consultant, Todd Turner, to review not just whether to bring wrestling back to Fresno State, but Turner will be reviewing all sports programs.

Retired Fresno State wrestling Coach Dennis DeLiddo says, "This is huge news in wrestling. You just don't bring back division one programs that often. They are always dumping on them. But to bring it back, we are ecstatic."

DeLiddo ran the program from 1981 to his retirement in 2005.

He says the valley is full of talented wrestlers and he's glad the university is moving forward on the issue.

DeLiddo says, "There is a need for it, and I think Castro sees that. If there is any man I think we are good hands with him."

President Castro is refusing to make comments about the issue, until he gets the consultant's full report. But he has said in the past he will need financial community support in the form of donors, something that DeLiddo says he would like to help out with.

DeLiddo says, "I would do anything to help to program. I'm a wrestling guy."

Months ago, President Castro said it would be around 500-thousand dollar each year to sustain the wrestling program.

But of course that's what the consultant will ultimately determine.

The review should be completed by May.

One way to fund the program and help relieve the university's 1.5 million athletics budget deficit is by raising student fees.

President Castro hasn't said much about his plan.