Fresno State Women's Tennis Team Has Unique International Flavor

There is no Division 1 women's sport with more international players than tennis. Seven of Fresno State's eight are from outside the United States. But one of those players is still pretty unique, seeing as she grew up playing in Egypt, a country you might never associate with tennis.Rana Sherif Ahmed's parents loved watching the sport on television years ago in Cairo, and she began playing at age six. There weren't many nearby who understood much about tennis, but less than a decade later, she and her younger sister were two of the best in Egypt.{}The Mountain West's Freshman of the Year in 2013, Ahmed is now the number 2 player for the Bulldogs. While you can currently count on one hand the number of players in the U.S. from Egypt, she hopes to be a catalyst to change that. So one day Egypt and tennis go hand in hand. Or racquet in hand.