Fresno State Sweet Corn Sells Out On Opening Day

Fresno State sold out of sweet corn in 90 minutes{}on opening day of sales at Gibson Farm Market on campus.{} People were in line three hours early to get their hands on the first batch of corn{}grown on campus.{}{}Beth McFall was one of the first in line.{} "Well it's delicious.{} Everyone loves it.{} Everyone wants some."Henry Rogalsky from Kingsburg came to Fresno for a doctor's appointment and decided{}to swing by campus to pick up a few ears of corn.{} "A little bit of stupidity but I love the corn.{}{}The corn is great corn you can get in the Valley."So what's the big deal about Fresno State corn?{}{}People at Gibson Farm Market say it is so popular because it's farm fresh and grown on campus.In just 90 minutes white and{}yellow corn lovers went through 22 bins of corn fresh off the stalk.{}{}They sold close to 10,000 ears with first day sales totaling almost 23-hundred dollars.{}