Fresno State Summer Corn

Anna Laurel

A mad grab for Fresno State's summer corn started a 7 Friday morning.

Cheryl Hutchens says, "This is the best corn there is.{} There's none like it anywhere."

The line just to get to it started forming even earlier.

"I just moved to Fresno from LA and I heard so much about it so I'm here at 6am this morning."

Cold wet weather delayed this year's crop.

But Fresno State Ag students still hope to sell more than last year.

"I got 39 ears."

And they just might.

Bill Lawley says, "I'm having a BBQ and everybody's having corn."

Fresno State's Jess Silva says, "These people have been loyal to us and they expecting to have great produce and that's what we try to serve them to the best of our ability.

By the looks of things, the word is out.

"I've heard it's the best in the country and I've got to have it."

What's so good about it?

Hutchens says, "It's sweet.{} The sweetness of it.

Lawley says, "It's great corn, it's sweet corn, it's first corn and I love it. I love helping them."

Hutchens says, "It's sweet and it's tender and it's good and I love it."

But there's another big reason all these people are here.

Silva says, "Fresno state students are involved dramatically in the process as far as planting and irrigating. And people respect the fact that Fresno State students are so involved in everything we do."

Hutchens says, "It makes a big difference students are growing it because you are giving back."