Fresno State Students Protest Cuts to Education

Hundreds of Fresno State students rallied on campus Tuesday afternoon to protest education cuts.

They're taking a cue from the Occupy protesters and blaming the top 1% for receiving bailouts while they face tuition hikes.

Staff members say you can tell less money is being spent on the school.

"I mean the trash cans aren't being emptied as often. It means the landscaping isn't being kept up. It means the buildings aren't getting painted. It means a lot of things that you would take as a standard expectation when you go to college. California has always prided itself that anybody here can get an education, no matter whether you could afford one or not. We've really eroded that to the point that's no longer true," said Nancy Kobata, president of the CSU Employees Union, Fresno chapter.

Fresno State President Dr. John Welty noticed the protests. He said he's pleased students get involved, but until Governor Jerry Brown approves more funding, things will only get worse.

"The problem is we're not investing in higher education at a level that doesn't make it necessary for us to increase fees to students," Dr. Welty said.

Fresno State faces a $2 million budget shortfall next year.

Since the fall of 2008, more than 300 people have lost their jobs at Fresno State.

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