Fresno State Student Arrested For Having Sex With Sheep

Fresno State University police confirm to KMPH Fox 26 News last Tuesday a man was arrested on campus accused of bestiality.Police say the 5th year computer engineering student was arrested for having sex with a sheep.According to the police report, University officers were called to the Sheep Unit on campus. Inside the living quarters was a female student who startled after she heard a knock at the door.She called police. When University officers arrived they found a man with his pants down on top of one of the sheep.Officers say it appeared the man was having sex with the sheep.The report states the man told officers he was wrestling cattle.When officers told him there were no cattle in the pen, he said it was all the same.The student then changed his story, according to the report and told officers he was stressed over mid-terms, and came over to the sheep unit to beat and punch the animals.But when officer told him that he saw him holding the sheep down and everything else that he was doing with it, that's when the student admitted to the officer he was having sexual intercourse with the sheep, but that it was his first time.The student also admitted to officers he'd been drinking earlier in the evening.After admitting to the crime, the student also asked officers "Am I going to be expelled for this?"The student was arrested and taken to jail.
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