Fresno State President Calls New Job "A Thrill Beyond Comprehension"

Fresno State's new President Dr. Joseph Castro calls his{}new job{}"a thrill beyond comprehension!"

Thursday was his first day on the job at the Shaw Avenue campus.

He treated Moses Menchaca, Fresno State's student body president, to lunch at the student union.

As Castro made his way down the food line, he worked the room like a seasoned politician.

An hour before all the hand shaking, President Castro met the media.{} His voice quivered as he shared a message with Valley youth.{}{}

"No matter whether your family has a lot of money or a little money, no matter if you live in a small house or a big house or if you would be the first in your family to attend and graduate from college, your future is bright," said the Hanford native who reflected on his own struggles being raised by his mother.

There are a number of firsts as{}Castro takes the helm at Fresno State. He's the first Californian, first Valley native and first Latino to serve as President of Fresno State.

Castro also told the media that he enjoys communicating through social media, especially through his twitter account.

"I invite people to join me and follow me on Twitter. I usually follow those who follow me. So, I think it helps to create that larger community."

Castro says{}his first order of business as{}President of Fresno State is to listen and learn.{}