Fresno State Football Blacked Out For Thousands In South Valley

"My husband lives for those games. He talks about them all week. Everybody he talks to, whether they're interested or not, he tells them about it," Sharon Flores said with tears in her eyes.

For Flores, who lives in Visalia, getting to watch Fresno State football from her living room is about much more than a game.

"My husband is 80 years old and he has Parkinson's. He's been going to the games for 30 years," Flores said. "Now he has this Parkinson's and he can't hardly get in the games. It's very difficult for him to go and sit down."

So he has to watch them at home.

But this season has been one big fumble for the Flores family.

Almost every time they turn to the channel that's supposed to show the Fresno State game, it's the same thing.

"Nothing, there was nothing there," Flores said.

"I called up Dish to ask them why it wasn't playing, I wanted to watch the Fresno State game and they go, oh it's blocked."

But Sharon isn't alone.

It seems Dish and DirecTV customers only in the South Valley are having a hard time watching the dogs.

So we spent hours calling, emailing and trying to figure out why.

And this is the convoluted explanation we got:

The Mountain West, which is Fresno State's new conference, was dropped by CBS Sports this year.

So it had to find someone else to pick up its games.

That's where Time Warner Cable Sports Net comes in.

That new network bought the rights to many of the Fresno State games and has contracted with CSN Bay Area to air them.

And while Time Warner has reached an agreement with Comcast, it hasn't with Dish or DirecTV, leaving those customers blacked out to the Bulldogs.

"Bring them back. It would be the best thing that would happen to us, to be able to watch them every week," Flores said.

A spokesperson for DirecTV tells KMPH News: "Comcast is asking us to deliver the Fresno State games to the Giants territory, which means it's blacked out everywhere else."

Officials at Dish network didn't really explain why the games haven't been on. They just said next "week's game against Boise State is available to Dish customers on NBC Sports Network (Channel 159)."

In the meantime, Sharon is just hoping it will work out for the sake of her husband.

"He lives for those games. And now that he can't go to them or watch them on TV, it's very sad to watch," she said.

Not all of the Fresno State games were bought by Time Warner. Those that weren't should be able to be seen by Dish and DirecTV customers.

If you are a Dish network or DirecTV customer that's not getting the games, there is something you can do about it.

You can call the companies and ask them to carry the Fresno State games.

You can contact DirecTV at 310-964-5000.

You can reach Dish Network at 720-514-5351.