Fresno State Dropped From 'Dangerous Colleges' List

A new list of "America's most dangerous colleges" has been released, and school officials say Fresno State is not on it.

Earlier this week, Business Insider rated the campus number 19 on its 25 Most Dangerous Campuses list based on FBI crime report stats.

For California colleges, UCLA was number 1, Cal Berkeley was 2nd, San Diego State ranked 6th and UC Riverside was number 24.

But several schools protested, so the website issued a revised list based on data from crimes committed on campus only.

By that measure, Stanford -- which wasn't even on the first list -- appeared at number 4, Berkeley and UCLA dropped to 10th and 20th respectively, and Fresno State and San Diego State disappeared entirely.

UC Riverside was the only California school to get a worse rating on the new list.

Ivy league schools Harvard, MIT and Yale were also on that new list.

Click here to see both lists from Business Insider.