Fresno Soldiers Return After Nearly A Year At War

They've been gone for nearly a year. {} Ten and a half months to be precise. {} Members of the Army National Guard 10-72 Transportation Company based in Fresno returned to a heroes welcome.

They've been on the road since March 15th.{} The{}Army unit{}spent 9 months of{}its tour in Afghanistan.{} Sunday their families came to the Fresno airport armed with balloons and signs to show their love and support.{}

Rashad Small was met by his Mom and girlfriend.{}{}"Kind of nervous, trying to adjust to everything. {} Glad to see my family and friends. {} A lot of support around here. {} You know{}I feel a lot of love."

Small's mom Gwen Brown{}flew a long way from home to experience the homecoming moment.{}"Oh my God it's really great. {} I'm so proud of him and what he's accomplished but it's just so great to see him. {} I'm from Georgia so I flew out here today. {} So it's just great to see my baby."

Everywhere you looked in the airport lobby there were hugs. {} Some short, some long.{} Bobby Soto delivered a hug and a thank you to every family member who showed up.{}{}"It's the greatest thing in the world. {} I have my family here. {} I have everybody here that loves me and supports me and it's an unbelievable feeling."

American Legion Post 509 sent a contingent to welcome the troops and say job well done.{} Joe Sanchez couldn't be happier.{}{} "It's surreal right now. {} It's like shell shock, but it's cool it's a good feeling."

The soldiers say they can't wait for their first home cooked meal and to sleep in their own bed.