Fresno Neighborhood Sidewalk Turned Into Dump Site

Imagine having piles of trash piled up outside your door.

Old TV's, furniture and car parts line over a 200-yard long city street.

People living on the corner of Tulare and Dewitt in southeast Fresno say it's what they have been looking at for two-weeks.

"I was standing out here with my gardener ... we were talking, and all of a sudden, a truck pulls up, and throws a couch out right there and takes off," said Paul Geston, a nearby resident.

It's an entire sidewalk mistaken for a dump site.

The neighborhood had its annual community pick-up on March 28th.

Geston says one neighbor however, continued to leave trash out, and other people followed suit.

"They don't even live here; they are just driving down the street, seeing a dump site, and throwing their stuff out," said Geston.

Neighbors say it's an easy way for people to get rid of their stuff without paying the trash pick-up fee.

The issue is growing, and neighbors say they worry that it's getting out of hand.

"People who have to get on the city bus have to climb over this garbage to get on the bus," said Christopher Hernandez, a resident of the area.

Geston and other residents say they have called the city but the city has already done its job.

"They said for me to have Mid Valley pick it up, why? We didn't do it, mid valley is not responsible," said Geston.