Fresno School Put On Lockdown After A Shooting

Teachers at a Fresno Elementary school are back home after a shooting near the school put it on lockdown. Police says the shooting happened near Chestnut and Fillmore in southeast Fresno and Olmos Elementary is just a few blocks away.

Police say the school was locked down, because witnesses saw the shooter with a gun, right next to the school. Teachers were stuck inside Olmos elementary and they weren't the only ones affected by the shooting, so were people who live right next door.

"When I was coming out all I heard was the police say was get back inside, get back inside, there's a man running loose with a gun," says Victor Gonzales.

Gonzales and others who live in the neighborhood could only watch while police went door to door looking for a man with a gun.

"They looked in the back and they went into the garage," says Luis Angel Chavira, "He could have been hiding in the back and we didn't know."

The police helicopter flew over the neighborhood looking for any sign of the wanted man. Police say he shot another man in the arm just a few blocks away.

"I was surprised," adds Chavira, "I was like wow, there are so many cops and they blocked the whole street."

One of the reasons police think the man involved in the shooting made his way to this neighborhood is because they found bullets and casings in the street.

"Before I knew it there were cops everywhere, I mean all over the place," says Gonzales.

Police searched the neighborhood for 2 hours and,they didn't they find the man. People who live in the neighborhood say they're worried about the man still being on the loose.

"He might be hiding somewhere around here and I don't want anything to happen to my family," says Chavira.

Police say the victim of the shooting drove himself to the hospital and his injuries are minor. Police do believe this is gang related shooting, because the victim is a gang member.