Fresno School Carnival Helps Boy With Leukemia

Family, friends and strangers came to the aid of a fun loving five-year-old boy who needs a bone marrow match. Garrett Saenz has an aggressive form of leukemia and{}needs help. {}

St. Anthony of Padua School in northwest Fresno held its annual carnival Sunday. The Saenz family was hoping some of the faces in the crowd would find time to help their son Garrett. His dad Juan Saenz swabbed his own cheek. "I'm here to donate myself. I hope{}O can be the one to match my son's bone marrow."

Garrett Saenz is currently undergoing a second round of Leukemia. He was supposed to start kindergarten this year, but his doctors say he will be away from the classroom for at least a year.

Debbie Martin is chairwoman of the carnival, but she still found time to help Garrett. "I've got my donor card right here so yes{}I absolutely wanted to make a contribution, and if I'm a match I'll be the first to step up and do what{}I can."

Garrett's uncle Javier Cerda has a six-year-old son and he wants to help anyway he can. "I feel for them. I knew as a parent there's nothing like that bond that you have with your child, and you never want to see that happen. I'm gonna be there for them regardless."

It was a productive day for the Saenz family; as close to 40 people signed up for the bone marrow registry. "You know I've seen a lot of people who{}I don't know. I'm real grateful for that they came out here and did this. They didn't have to. They took the time and our prayers go out to them."

The Central California Blood Bank also prospered as 60 people donated a pint of blood.