Fresno Residents Help Police Track Down Kids Accused Of Burglarizing A Home

Kids, not even old enough to vote, are accused of burglarizing a Northeast Fresno home.

Joseph Padilla, who lives next door to the house, saw the whole thing go down.

"I saw three individuals running out of the house, they were carrying a TV, IPOD, IPADs and jewelry," said Padilla.

Padilla said he shouted for the guys to stop, and warned them that he was calling police.

"And they just kept on running," said Padilla.

According to officials, the guys ran for several blocks, before ending up inside the parking lot of a Northeast Fresno office complex.

Police said the crooks hid the merchandise between bushes and underneath cars, to keep them out of sight.

Kim Thorn Sok, who was driving into the parking lot, said she saw the stashed loot and one of the guys running off.

"I just went there really fast, and got out of the car really fast, and grabbed the stuff, and threw it into the trunk and drove straight over here," said Sok.

Sok reacted quickly, and hid the stuff in her trunk, for safe keeping until police arrived.

"I just thought it was real terrible, people work so hard for what they have," said Sok.

Once police got there, they tracked down and arrested two of the three accused crooks.

Scattered throughout the parking lot, police dug up the victims watch, jewelry and shoes.

"They picked it up, they brought it to us, told us what happened. They weren't afraid to get involved and that's what it takes. It takes people to get involved because we can't be everywhere," said Sergeant Mike Palomino with Fresno Police department.

Police are still on the search for the third suspect.