Fresno Police Release Top 5 Auto Thieves

Rodney Jones

The Fresno Police Department on Wednesday released a ranking of the five most wanted auto thieves.

Each of these suspects, detectives said, is active city-wide and are responsible for the majority of auto thefts in Fresno at this time.

-- No. 5, Rodney Jones: Currently has three outstanding warrants and was arrested five times in 2012.

-- No. 4, Guadalupe Delgado: Is on probation and has outstanding warrants. She was arrested six times in 2012.

-- No. 3, Jason Perez: Wanted on open charges for multiple auto thefts.

-- No. 2, Victor Portillo: Active in southwest and southeast Fresno. He was arrested six times for auto theft in 2012 and currently has six outstanding warrants.

--No. 1, Ralph Jasso: Active throughout Fresno County. He currently has three outstanding warrants.

All suspects are wanted at this time, if you have information of there whereabouts please call 498-STOP or 621 CCAT