Fresno Police "Threatened" by Mob Following Burglary Arrest

Fresno Police issued the urgent call for back-up Tuesday night, after saying they felt threatened by a mob of people at the scene of an arrest.

It happened around 5:30 p.m. near the intersection of Dakota and Abby.

Police were in the process of arresting 31-year-old Leo Cedillo for burglary, when they say people came out from nearby apartments and began to shout threats at them.

Cell phone video obtained by KMPH Fox 26 shows people shouting at officers.

But, those in the crowd say their screams were justified.

They say officers roughed up Cedillo, after officers threw him on the asphalt.

Officers counter that they had plenty of reason to worry for their safety: a number of gang members live on that stretch of road.

Lt. Joe Gomez with Fresno Police say Cedillo was anything but cooperative during his arrest.

"He was going off in the back seat of the patrol car. He slipped his cuffs," he says. "When the officer opens the car door to take him out of the patrol car, he attacks him. It was violent."

Officers say they caught Cedillo stealing a large, flat-screen television from home several blocks away.

One officer says he spotted Cedillo actually carrying the television, then loading it into a car and driving away.

The officer followed the car and ran the license plates.

The car was stolen.

He tried to pull over Cedillo, but Cedillo wouldn't stop.

He eventually pulled over and ran out.

He was arrested a short time later.

It turns out police were familiar with Cedillo.

Lt. Gomez says Cedillo was on the police department's daily bulletin which lists outstanding suspects.

Cedillo was wanted for a weapons offense and domestic violence.

Along with the television, officers recovered dozens of stolen credit cards, wigs and shoes.

They say he also had heroin.

Lt. Gomez says he's glad officers provided back-up in a matter of minutes.

"It's crowd control and officer safety issue," he says. As for the mob that turned out and watched the arrest, Gomez says, "There's strength in numbers and there was a lot of them here."

Cedillo was taken to Community Regional Medical Center to get checked out.

He will then be booked at the Fresno County Jail.