Fresno Police Shooting: Man Armed With Butcher Knife Kills Woman

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says a man armed with a butcher knife stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend.He adds his officers tried to save the woman and ended up shooting and killing the man.The deadly stabbing and officer involved shooting happened around noon Monday, just west of downtown Fresno, on the 100 block of East El Dorado.When officers arrived they say they heard a woman screaming inside an apartment.Police say the man then yelled out, "it's too late" and that's when officers kicked open the door.Neighbor Marisol Avelar says she never thought she'd see her neighbor, 45-year-old Cindy Raygoza die.Avelar says it all began when she saw a little boy crying outside their apartment.Avelar says, "I ran over and picked him up and I heard screaming in the house. I heard her yell help, help. I was banging on the door hoping things would settle down. Things started getting worse I heard dishes slamming. I heard her yell open the door, open the door, I tried to open it but it just kept getting worse and I told my boyfriend call the cops."Chief Dyer says when officers arrived they kicked down the door and confronted the man. They fired 4 shots striking the man in the chest.Police are not releasing the man's name.However dyer says he was 47-years-old and had been arrested in February for domestic violence against the same woman.Dyer adds in 2002 the man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon in another domestic violence case, involving a different woman.Police say he was recently released and was on parole.Meanwhile, the officer involved in the shooting is on paid leave following an investigation.This is the fifth officer-involved shooting of the year for the Fresno Police Department.