Fresno Police Search For Man With Gun Inside Medical Building

Fresno Police are searching for a man who reportedly went into a Central Fresno medical building with a gun around 11-AM Wednesday.

"It all started with a woman running down the hall, almost knocked me over. She was stating that there was a man with a gun and that he was after his wife" said Kathi Isler, the administrator at The Family Care Providers Medical office.

Isler adds that it was just a normal day until she took came face to face with the man and his gun.

Isler described the man as agitated and very angry. She recalls immediately calling police and doing exactly what she was trained to do.

"We have a routine that everyone goes into the safe and locks themselves in the walk-in safe" said Isler.

Police evacuated a nearby school and placed a pre-school on lockdown.

Police evacuated 16 employees and patients, leaving the remaining people locked inside while SWAT team and police went in, guns drawn, looking floor by floor for their man.

But after a nearly five hour search, they came up empty.

Police believe the man might have slipped out during the commotion. They continue their search tonight looking for a man they describe as a bald headed Hispanic male, around 30-years-old, with a dog paw tattoo on his face.

Police also still cannot find the woman who claimed the man pointed his gun at her.

Investigators are still trying to figure out their connection to each other.

Anyone with information is urged to call Fresno police.