Fresno Police Say Man Attacked People With A Hammer

Imagine walking through a fast food restaurant parking lot and getting attacked with a hammer. Fresno Police say it happened to several people Monday and that's not all officers say the man did.

Fresno Police say the guy's rampage started in the parking lot at the McDonald's on Kings Canyon and Barton. Officers say{}the man was swinging a hammer and hit four people.

Investigators say the guy left McDonald's and drove down the street to Burger King where he hit a lady with his car. Police add the guy got out of his car and walked around. A witness wrote down the license plate number and called 911. Officers say that's when the police helicopter spotted the man and followed him. A pursuit started with both the helicopter and police cars chasing the gray Mercedes.

"He was coming out to move the car and he saw the helicopter right here," says Larry Magos, whose family owns the car that was during the pursuit.

Magos says his father in law saw the car side swipe a UPS truck and crash head-on into an SUV. Fresno Police say after the guy slammed into the SUV he jumped out of his car, hopped over a fence, and ran into several people's yards before police officers tackled him to the ground. Magos says he knows the guy behind the wheel, because he lives in their neighborhood.

"I knew something would happen around here, because just how he drives around all crazy," adds Magos.

Officers say the driver is 23-year old Dawte Parker and he was on parole. He's facing a several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. Police say the weapons are the hammer and car.

Police add no was seriously injured in the hammer attacks and the woman that was hit by the car is going to be okay.