Fresno Police Say Man Went On Deadly Shooting Spree

Police say it was a very violent 15-minute crime spree that involved several people getting shot at, an innocent man getting killed, and the man who caused all the chaos dying. Investigators say it happened at the on ramp to Interstate-99 at Shaw Avenue during rush hour.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says from what investigators can piece together so far the shooter got into a car accident. He jumped out his van and left 2 people in the car.

Officers say the guy then jumped into a neighboring car and told the woman to drive to a liquor store. They went to a liquor store, the man went inside, the woman drove away and called 911.

Investigators say the man then tried to carjack a minivan that was driving by and shot the driver as drove away. He's in critical condition.

Police say next the man went up to a pick-up truck and shot the driver and his wife. The driver was killed.

Then the shooter went to another car and shot out the driver window, but that driver drove away.

At the same time an SUV drove into the chaos and shot the hood of the car. The driver jumped out of the car, grabbed his 5-year old brother and ran away.

As that was going on a state correctional officer saw what was happening and fired at the man as he was driving away.

Then about 8-miles away off of Shaw Avenue a guy crashed the car and died.

The police chief says the guy did have gun shot would and he's calling the correctional officer is hero.

"If this correctional officer not engaged this suspect there could have been additional victims tonight and there could have been additional carjacking," says Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, "Fortunately for this courageous individual that person was no longer to victimize our community."

All together police say 3 people were shot and one died. Four cars were shot at and there were 3 attempted carjackings and 2 carjackings.

Police say they don't know if the guy was on drugs or if he has a mental illness.