Fresno Police Officers Shoot and Kill Man

Two Fresno Police officers are on administrative leave after{}detectives{}say they shot and killed a man Tuesday evening.Investigators say the officers were called to Vassar and San Pablo in Central Fresno for a family fight.{} The family told officers that their 26 year-old relative was high on meth and had been up for 24-hours.{}Detectives say the family told them that the man was violent and they were afraid to go inside their home. According to officers, the family gave police a key to their back door. A K-9 dog was sent into the home first and found the 26 year-old in a bedroom. Police say four officers went into the{}home and two officers went to the bedroom.{}Investigators say the two officers pulled the K-9 off the man, but he{}raised a steak knife over this head.Police Chief Jerry Dyer says{}both officers fired{}their guns at the man.{}The 26 year-old was{}taken to CRMC{}where he died.Detectives are still{}investigating{}and{}are not releasing the name of the man.{}