Fresno Police Officer Stabbed, Woman Killed

Fresno's top cop says 25-year-old Michael Crockell got out of prison early as part of the state's early release program only to go out, stab and kill a woman.

He is also accused of leaving her roommate and a Fresno police officer recovering from stab wounds.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says, "It's extremely disturbing for us, in law enforcement and within the community to see individuals categorized as non-violent, non-serious under AB 109, and have them come into a community and committed this many violent crimes, nine murders this year from those individuals who are on post release community supervision."

A frustrated Chief held nothing back during a press conference Monday afternoon.

Chief Jerry Dyer says, "Today we almost lost a police officer at the hands of one of these individuals, and it's very disturbing."

The individual Dyer is talking about is Crockell.

A man who police say has a history of domestic violence, and an arrest for attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

Chief Dyer says Crockell was sentenced last October to three years in prison for a domestic violence conviction.

But he only spent six months behind bars, thanks to AB 109.

AB 109 is the assembly bill signed into law, meant to help ease the state's budget deficit by releasing so called "non-violent offenders" early from prison.

Chief Dyer says, "Obviously what we are seeing is individuals that are on post release supervision that are very violent, very serious and willing to take another human being's life."

Crockell is now accused of stabbing and killing a 46-year-old woman, who neighbors say was Lisa Gilvary and then turning his knife on her roommate 20-year-old Jennifer Gonzalez.

Police say Crockell lived directly across the street from the two women. Police say Sunday evening around 8 o'clock one of the victims, Gonzalez, ended up having dinner at Crockell's house, she went back home, went to sleep only be awakened by her roommate screaming.

Police say after slashing the first woman some 47 times in the throat, chest and face, killing her, he then went after Gonzalez, stabbing her some 15 times with the knife in the back chest and arms.

She was able to fight him off, and call 9-1-1.

But Crockell hid and when Officer Jonathan Linzey rushed in to help, Crockell attacked again, cutting him on his head, behind the ear and forearm.

Help ended up coming and Crockell was arrested.

He faces charges of murder, attempted murder, attempted murder of a police officer, and assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer.