Fresno Police Investigate First Murder of 2014 and Officers Help Save A Life

Fresno Police are investigating the city's first murder of 2014. Officers say they arrested 23-year old Jessica Wills. She is accused of stabbing her friend to death. Investigators say Wills stabbed the man from Southern California early Wednesday morning.

According to police, the friends had been drinking when an argument broke out. When the argument became physical that's when investigators say Wills stabbed the man. Police say he stumbled out onto the sidewalk where he died.

Fresno Police are also being credited with helping save the life of a man who was shot. Officers say when they arrived to a neighborhood in Southeast Fresno they found one man with a gunshot wound. While police were helping him, a child walked up and said another guy had been shot in an alley. When officers found the man he did not have a pulse. The officers performed CPR and doctors say it helped save the man's life. Police are investigating who shot the men.