Fresno Police Error: Madera Trucker Arrested For Stealing Own Big Rig

Arsenio Martinez's big rig was stolen from the Madera pilot's truck stop earlier this month.

He reported the theft to police and waited. But what he never expected was that days later he would be arrested for stealing his own truck.

"First I thought it was a prank," said Martinez who was pulled over in Arizona last week, handcuffed to the ground and arrested for stealing his own truck.

Martinez had recovered his stolen big rig just days before after his sister spotted it in Fresno. Gone from the big rig were his radio and other possessions.

But Martinez said he was eager to get back to work. So, he called the Fresno Police Department to tell them that he had found the truck.

"Officers showed up, told me to wait about 20 minutes, got some information from me until the truck got released," he said.

Assuming all was clear, Martinez hit the road.

He took off on his usual route from Houston to Arizona. And that's when he was pulled over by two Arizona police officers.

"I looked over in my mirror and they were out there with their guns and on the horn telling me to get off, hand up in the air, walk backwards, get on my knees," Martinez said. "I was like, 'how could that be it was already cleared?'"

Fresno police officers failed to update the nationwide system, leaving Martinez's car listed as stolen.

He was eventually released by Arizona police after Fresno police confirmed the big rig was his.

KMPH spoke to the Fresno Police Department and officers said the mix-up was the department's fault.

Arsenio was not charged with anything and is not facing any fines.