Fresno Police Arrest Four After Shootout

Four gang members were arrested Wednesday afternoon following a shootout with Fresno police.

Two undercover officers approached four men around 4 p.m. 3rd Street and Ventura Avenue. Officers say one of the men pulled out a gun and that's when the undercover officers fired.

"We got out and there was two guys . . . one of them was wearing red and stuff and they were running that way," said Khalid Algabri, a witness to the shoot out.

Anthony Carrera, 21, was the man who pulled out the gun, police said.

Carrera has an extensive criminal background, having been arrested14 times, six of which have been for violent crimes.

Carrera and the three other men ran into different homes to hide.{}

POLICE SURROUNDED THE home where the Carrera was hiding.

No injuries were reported in the shooting.