Prolific Thief Arrested: 43rd Time In Custody in 13 Months

Ramon Zaragoza is no stranger to Fresno Police.{} He's been arrested 43 times since the start of 2013.{} But this time{}police believe he's going to jail and will stay there.

Zaragoza was arrested Thursday morning in southeast Fresno.{} When police spotted him he tried to run but he didn't get far.

A day earlier he was placed on Fresno P.D.'s radar after he was positively identified in surveillance video from a{}break-in September 17th at a business in southeast Fresno.

Police say he broke in through the ceiling of a laundromat near Chestnut and Tulare.{} He spent close to 15 minutes trying to crack a coin machine.{} Police say he then kicked in a wall of a neighboring business and stole 30 cell phones valued at more than 15-thousand dollars.{} In the video police say Zaragoza has been positively identified for the commercial burglaries.

After being booked into jail Zaragoza was placed in one of the five beds that the Fresno Police Department has purchased from the jail to hold repeat offenders.{} Sgt. Mark Hudson says that will keep Zaragoza from bailing out and committing another crime.

Hudson says with Zaragoza being arrested more than 40{}times in the past year he's confident property crimes will show an immediate decline.