Most Wanted Car Theft Suspect Arrested By Fresno Police

Fresno's car theft team is on cloud nine. The city's top two accused car thieves are in custody. Wednesday it was number one who got a little bloody trying to give police the slip.

They consider Raymond Luna the most prolific car thief in town. He was taken into custody by a police canine at this home in southeast Fresno.{} Sgt. Tim Tietjen heads up the police task force. "We know that Raymond is running chop shops like the one behind me. {} We know that he is actively involved in a couple crews that are stealing cars on a night basis."

Sgt. Tietjen says Luna has been stealing five to eight cars nightly for the past two months.{} Since the start of the year he's been arrested five times but released each time. {} This case is different.{}{}"He's gonna stay in jail in custody until he goes thru the process. {} We know that we will see a substantial decrease in auto thefts because he's in one of those beds."

The Fresno Police Department is currently renting five beds from the jail so accused car thieves can't get out for overcrowding.{} Sgt. Tietjen is ecstatic with the arrest because his task force hooked a big fish and also broke up a chop shop and recovered two stolen vehicles.

Luna faces charges of auto theft, running a chop shop and possession of illegal drugs.{}