Fresno Police Say A Correctional Officer Is A Hero For Stopping A Shooting Spree

Fresno Police say they don't know why a man went on a deadly shooting spree on a busy street. It happened Thursday evening when officers say a man was firing at cars as they drove by. One person was killed and 2 others were injured.

Police say 65-year old Nhia Lee of Fresno was killed in his pick-up truck. His wife was shot in the arm, but officers say she's going to be okay.

Investigators say the crazy shooting spree could have been much worse if it wasn't for one man.

"He said I've got to go. She asked him not to and that's when he said I got to go, duty," says Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Those are the last words a correctional officer told his wife before he pulled out his own gun and confronted the man shooting at cars. Police say the correctional officer is a former marine with weapons training and he didn't think twice about going into harms way.

"He acted heroically and I don't think he sees himself that way, but I think he did what he needed to do," adds Chief Dyer.

The shooting spree started when police say Joshua Lewis crashed his van. He jumped out of the car and tried to get into a red pick-up truck, but he couldn't. Investigators say he forced his way into a car and told the woman driving to go.

They ended up at Shaw and Polk, where the guy went into a house. When Lewis saw that the woman drove off, officers say he went onto the busy street and starting firing at cars with a .44 caliber revolver.

Police say he shot at the driver of a blue minivan, wounding the person so badly they're still in critical condition.

Then officers say Lewis went up to a gray pick-up truck where he shot and killed Lee and injured his wife.

It still didn't end there. According to investigators Lewis shot a Ford Focus, but the driver hit the gas and took off.

Then witnesses say Lewis fired into the hood of an SUV. The 19-year old driver got out, grabbed his 5-year old brother and ran.

"The suspect raised the gun and pointed it directly at the nineteen year old and actually pulled the trigger," says Chief Dyer.

However, the gun didn't fire. Police say that's when the corrections officer ran up and shot Lewis in the back. Lewis then jumped in the SUV and drove off. He crashed the car 8-miles away and died.

Fresno Police say a male nurse was driving by and he also had a personal weapon and a permit. When the corrections officer's gun was empty the nurse backed him up.

The Police Chief is also calling the 19-year old a hero, because he covered his brother using his body as he ran away from the shooter.

The Police Department says it received twenty three 911 calls during the shooting spree.