Fresno Neighborhood In Fear For 90 Minutes

A northeast Fresno neighborhood was in peril for 90 minutes Thursday as Fresno Police tried to track down three men accused of breaking into a home.{} The Fresno County Sheriff's helicopter was called in just before noon to circle the neighborhood just east of Fresno and Escalon.{} Police officers could be seen stationed all over the area.{} The search came to a quick end when a police dog was called in to search a backyard.{} A man and two teenaged boys were cornered in a storage shed.{} Officers say one tried to escape and was bitten by the dog.{} He was taken to the hospital before being booked into the Fresno County jail.Al Mollo who lives two doors away from where they were caught said the trio also hopped thru his{}backyard.{} "Where the fig tree is the branches have been pulled down on the ground.{} Like they went over the fence and made it into the{}next yard and finally into the next yard."Nearby McCardle Elementary School was put on lock down during the police drama.{} One{}neighbor said after seeing the police cars she went inside and turned on her alarm and then started to pray.{} All three arrested now face burglary charges.Police say the home where the burglary took place was ransacked.{} Many items were thrown in the backyard.{}