Fresno Mother-To-Be Prepares for Baby's Funeral

Rather than preparing for motherhood, a Fresno mother-to-be is now taking steps to give her child a proper burial. Doctors have told 18-year-old Monique Duarte her baby has an incurable disease. Duarte's baby girl, who she plans to name Athena, has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18-- also known as Edwards Disease. "She actually has a few things wrong with her," says Duarte.{} "Her intestines to her stomach are kind of above her chest which is squishing her lungs." Doctors have told Duarte they don't expect the baby to live a week past birth. Duarte plans to carry her daughter to full term, and told doctors she wants to hold her baby at least once after she is born. She is now raising $4,000 to pay for costs associated with giving her baby a funeral and burial. Family and friends held a car wash Saturday afternoon in Southeast Fresno to help cover the expenses. They were able to raise about half of the money they need.