Fresno Min Mart Wasn't Robbed-Gas Was Repossessed

Wednesday{}night{}on the KMPH Fox 26 Ten O'clock News we reported{}that a gas rustler was on the loose. But Thursday Fresno Police discovered that gas wasn't stolen from a southeast Fresno mini-mart.{} It was repossessed by the fuel distributor.

Red Triangle Oil says it sent a truck early Wednesday morning{}to reclaim 9-thousand gallons of gas after the former owner of Lucky Mini Mart at Tulare and Clovis Avenues{}failed to pay his bill.{}

Wednesday{}night we showed{}surveillance video of a gas tanker identified as R&M Fuel Transport draining the fuel tank.{} Manuel Alvarez is the man in the video and he told{}KMPH Fox 26 News that he was hired to repossess the fuel.

He says the job is called a "pump out" and it's not uncommon in the business.{} Fresno Police have suspended their investigation because now it's a civil case.